We are currently working on this section of our new website, where we will post a selection of current and past projects!

But until then, here is a sample of some of the hundreds of projects we have completed from inspections to complete overhauls and major conversions.


  • 6 Year inspection of AS365N3 VIP Dauphin helicopter.
  • 2/4/6 Year Inspection of EC145 VIP helicopter.
  • Assembly & Delivery of 10 Bell 206L4 Helicopters, including Design Installation of HF Radio Modifications, installation of Inlet Barrier Filters, Cargo Hooks, Dual Controls and other optional equipment.
  • Design and Avionic retrofit of ASPIRE 200 High Speed Data Kit to an AS350B3. Annual Inspection, Engine, propeller, starter/generator overhaul of Cessna P210N Silver Eagle, prepare for ferry flight to Switzerland.
  • Sale and dismantling of Cessna 208B Caravan into 2 x 40’ containers for delivery to China.
  • Dismantle in USA and Reassemble here in Malaysia Sikorsky S76C, complete all scheduled maintenance to 36 Month Inspection, replace on Time-ex engine.


  • Annual Inspections on 2 x R44 Helicopters on site in Ningbo, China.
  • Assembly of EC120B in Myanmar which was shipped from Switzerland.
  • Disassembly of EC130 in Jakarta
  • Assembly & Delivery of Sikorsky S76A++ for off shore contract for Korean Operator. Major
  • Refurbishment, Inspection & Assembly of Bell 206L3 for Foundation Helimission for Humanitarian work in Sulawesi.
  • Completion of Eurocopter AS350B converted to BA version for Helimission to Papua New Guinea.
  • Reassembly & HF Installation into new Bell 206L4 for Indonesian operator.
  • 600 Hr inspection of Eurocopter AS350B2 for Indonesian Operator.
  • Certification / Annual Inspection of Augusta A109A2 for Laos Operator.
  • Reassembly, Importation to N Registration of Eurocopter EC120B for Indonesian customer.
  • Engine Removal & Inspection of new R66 Robinson following oil cooler fan blower failure.
  • Retrieve Eurocopter B0105 from Greenpeace vessel following T/R incident. Dismantle, Load & Ship to New Zealand Operators / Owners.

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